I’m a recreational rider from Quebec,Canada. Riding lessons always left me sore and very often bleeding...I tried my JellyPantz today and I just wish I bought them earlier.. No soreness, no swelling, this is a miracle product!
GB, Quebec, Canada

I have used the product for a long time, and I love them! Would not be able to ride without them.
MD, Sweden

The pad is a game changer for me - my trainer commented that she has never seen me sit so relaxed and deep into the saddle. 
DD, Texas, USA

Your product has actually saved my life as a rider -- no exaggeration. 
JY, Colorado, USA

I recently began riding dressage after years as a hunter/jumper. Then came "feminine abrasions", perhaps because the school saddle isn't a perfect fit and/or because I spend more time at sitting trot. I tried to fab my own padded-gusset briefs (not thick enough) and even to cut a feminine pad to size (a disaster). Your briefs were the perfect solution! They're well-made, fit perfectly, and the gel pad totally eliminates painful rubbing. I am in love with your briefs and with riding again! 
LM, California, USA

Since receiving my JellyPantz, I haven't missed a single ride without them. They have helped me so much. 
KO, California, USA

By the way, I got back from my riding trip a month ago and the JellyPantz saved my 'sit upon'. If you ever require a testimonial, I'll gladly provide one. 
DS, Arizona, USA

I LOVE these things!!! I have been riding in my 'Starter Kit' for about a month now and they have made a huge difference. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! 
JP, Connecticut, USA

I'm an indoor, stationery bike rider, and recently had to replace my older bike with a new one. Never having had a problem with a bicycle seat, I was disappointed to find that my new bike seat was extremely uncomfortable no matter what I tried (adjusting the handle bars, seat height, and my position on the seat). So, I was on a mission to find out what would work, which began with a slip on, padded seat cover (didn't work). Next, I tried two brands of padded biking shorts (nice padding, but still caused me to constantly shift around, and at the 30 minute mark, uncomfortable heat and sometimes swelling). Finally, I found the answer: JELLY PANTZ and GEL PADS and a "noseless" bicycle seat! The description on the website is totally correct: the gel pads feel cool and soothing, and any time fabric is in contact with your skin, there will be chafing! I am back to riding 55 minutes on my bike in total comfort. Thank you, Jelly Pantz! 
JS, Ohio, USAI don't usually have time to review products that I buy but I MUST leave a review about JellyPantz as they are the most fabulous invention ever. I was riding for months and spending 3-4 days recovering from saddle burn until I discovered these pantz. I had the most comfortable ride ever! Definitely well worth the money. I have tried loads of things too... pads, etc, and these are second to none. Thanks so much! 
JM, Australia

Received my Kit yesterday and rode in the JellyPantz today. LOVE them! Wish I had them sooner instead of suffering! I can finally sit the extended trot without cringing!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Money well spent!!!!!! 
HB, Wisconsin, USA

I received my Kit earlier this week - and just let me say THIS IS A LIFE-CHANGING EVENT! I am so extremely happy to have this product, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 
DJ, Florida, USA

JellyPantz have been a lifesaver. I can now ride for hours on the trail, or trot and canter in my dressage lessons, without suffering later. What a great invention! 
SL, Illinois, USA

Just FYI, these JellyPantz are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never ride without them. I am in rider heaven! 
ED, Virginia, USA

I tried everything from Monkey Butt Powder to saddle adjustments and nothing helped the chafing from riding until I tried my JellyPantz. Now I won't ride without them. They are in my opinion, the best! 
LC, New York, USA

Washed 'em, dried 'em, rode in 'em, LOVE 'em. Thanks! 
MB, Florida, USA

I am riding in more comfort. I am really pleased with them and very pleased I discovered them. You can be assured I am sharing the find! 
BM, United Kingdom

JellyPantz really work! I've tried it all over the years, but these things are wonderful! No more sore crotch. I'm recommending them to everyone I know who suffers with the same problem. Thank you so much.
JA, Pennsylvania, USA

I ordered the High-Tech Starter Kit and I can't say enough wonderful things about your product! Riding had become a misery for me due to chafing and soreness, and now it is fun again - thanks to JellyPantz! Also, the quality is excellent! 
TV, New York, USA 

I just rode in the JellyPantz today & I could hardly tell I was wearing them & I love them! Thanks again. I will tell all my horsey friends about them. 
SJ, North Carolina, USA

I love my JellyPantz! They are working as advertised! Thanks! 
JF, California, USA

Thanks JellyPantz! I couldn't ride without your product!!! 
AM, Maryland, USA

Thank you for such a wonderful product. The gel pad has made such a difference in my riding experience. 
KJ, Florida, USA

OK... I know you have received all of the kudos you probably need, but you have saved my bottom side! Therefore, I MUST comment! These things are incredible. I have tried biking shorts, gel biking shorts, pads... you name it. No success and very distressed girl parts! Along comes JellyPantz and I am comfortable and unblemished after hours on my bouncy little Paint. Thank you, thank you! Send more!! 
JP, Arizona, USA

The JellyPantz have arrived and I LOVE them!!! Thank you so much, they are wonderful! 
ZG, South Africa

I just wanted to let you know that I ordered one pair last week and rode in them this morning. What a relief! Thank you! So I am back for more. 
AW, Florida, USA

I found your site after extensive online research. I bought a kit for my daughter and she can now ride again comfortably. My daughter loves your product. 
SD, Kentucky, USA

I just wanted to thank you for this product! I have tried everything and nothing even comes close to how well your product works. Before trying it I was using an anti-chafing gel, a pair of flat leg seam panties AND a pair of andiamo bicycle shorts and still was a little sore by the time I finished riding my two horses. Before then I tried equitech dressage panties but the padded area does not come far enough under the crotch. I use ky jelly with your product and I have absolutely NO soreness AT ALL!... I am sure there are tons of women like me who would feel like I do -- that your product is a Godsend. Thank you sooo much! 
CL, California, USA

Thank you so much for this great product. I thought I would NEVER find anything that worked, and this really does. I can now sit down and ride dressage again in complete confidence and also pain free. Thanks JellyPantz!!! 
CS, NSW, Australia

Your product is amazing. I rode for five hours yesterday and did not have any chafing at all. The underwear was very comfortable and the gel pad never slipped at all. I am so happy that I purchased your product. I have been looking for a product like this for a very long time. What an excellent purchase. 
PG, Maryland, USA

Last year after riding with a well known Big Name Clinician, my bottom was quite literally rubbed raw. I don't know how I survived the second day. Shortly after, I saw a thread about JellyPantz on Chronicle of the Horse BB and bought a "starter kit" based on the feedback of users. I just returned from another two-day clinic with the same Big Name, and thanks to my JellyPantz, my bottom remained intact and comfortable. I don't know how ladies got by without this in the old days! Fantastic product!
EC, Colorado, USA

I love the JellyPantz! I wore them on horseback riding in Kenya, 5 to 7 hours in the saddle and never so much as a twinge of soreness!
DV, New York, USA

The Pantz are amazing! They were integral to our success in showing this summer - our secret weapon at CDIs and NAJYRCs!
LB, Ontario, Canada

Love your JellyPantz! Fantastic product. I am a dressage rider and I have agonized for many years until I tried your super jelly insert. Now I ride better because I'm no longer in pain... Thanks so much for developing this great product! You have no idea how much I appreciate it.
KD, Tennessee, USA

JellyPantz.com. Know it, love it, live it. Welcome horsewomen, triatheletes, bikers to my new sponsor. And may the Lord bless them with profits because I tell you what - its a miracle
excerpt from the blog of Sophia Mangalee, 2011 competitor in the Mongol Derby, the longest horse race in the world.  

I have told a few people about this and all I can say is it really works! You get so tired of being 'sold' on things only to try them to find out they don't really live up to the claims. Its really nice to buy something that does exactly what it says its going to do.
KC, Maryland, USA

I am very pleased with JellyPantz. It makes me feel I have a little more protection should my horse spin on me again. Plus I found it to be very comfortable to wear. The fit was right on.
AM, Ontario, Canada

JellyPantz!!! They have changed my equestrian life! And, my dear hubby's too. 
SB, New York, USA

I want to say that I love this product! I have not had any rawness doing sitting trot or canter since using this product! Thank you again for the great service!

I will never ride again without my JellyPantz!
CP, Ontario, Canada

It is fantastic!!! I forgot I was wearing it while biking. I was able to put on my regular cargo shorts with pockets, which means I did not have to worry about bringing my purse. The panty is so cute... I think it lifted up my butt a tiny bit, lol. I would definitely recommend this to my biker friends! 
HL, Ontario, Canada; Cyclist!

JellyPantz, I love you!... I've now had two lessons using JellyPantz, and have had NO injury whatsoever. The difference is remarkable. The first time I used the pants was just three days after I had gotten badly bruised, and was still suffering residual after-effects. The gel insert worked like magic. It absorbs impacts in such a way that you don't even notice it at all. The underwear feels a bit weird at first, but you soon get over it and can concentrate on riding.
RW, California, USA

I've been wearing my new pants and gel pad every time I ride. Are they ever comfortable!!!! Finally!!!! 
CP, Ontario, Canada

I LOVE MY JELLYPANTZ!!! I have tried every solution known to (wo)man i.e. expensive padded underwear, lubricants, new saddles and nothing worked. I have suffered for years in silence. I was delighted to chance upon JellyPantz.com. I ride everyday and no longer have to dread a dressage lesson or a long weekend hack! Thank you JellyPantz! 
MP, Ontario, Canada