I have tried padded underwear and bicycle shorts before, and neither has worked. Why is JellyPantz different?
The difference is that with JellyPantz there is no cloth against your skin, only gel. Cloth directly against your skin, whether it be cotton or a chamois, will still cause friction, and friction will cause sores. Reduce the friction and you reduce the sores. That is why JellyPantz works!

The gel pad really helps, but I still need more help... any suggestions?
Yes! If you need more lubrication, use a water-soluble lubricant such as K-Y Jelly. A small amount will enhance the gel pad's performance. However, do not use an oil-based lubricant as this will quickly cause the breakdown of the surface of the gel pad. 

I have a lubricant that I would like to use but am unsure if it is water-soluble or oil-based. How can I tell?
You can Google the product and look for an indication that the product is condom, latex and rubber friendly. This type of product would be safe to use with your JellyPantz Gel Pad. However, if in doubt, please Contact Us.

Do I really wear the gel pad directly against my skin? 
Yup, but don't knock it till you try it. Just like Buckley's cough medicine, "It works!"

Doesn't it feel weird?
Yes, I suppose it does... at first, anyway. We have found that once the rider gets used to the feel of the gel pad against the skin, that riding won't feel right without it!

Is it bulky? Can people tell I am wearing it?
The gel pad is not bulky. It is small and discreet, much like a panty-liner. No one will know that you are wearing it but you! And once you get used to it, even you may forget!!! :)

Won't the gel directly against my skin cause "issues" in my crotch area?
Well, actually, no. The gel material, a medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, does not cause an allergic reaction in most people, and the gel surface resists the growth of fungus and bacteria. We tested this theory by wearing the pad for full days at a time to see if we could create a reaction, and we are happy to say that we could not... nothing happened! Nothing! Of course, we don't recommend that our customers go to such extremes, but its good to know that we have!

What happens if you ride in a very hot and humid climate? If your body is sweating, doesn't that cause problems "down there"?
You might think so, but actually, no... no problems at all. The gel surface resists the growth of fungus and bacteria so its ideal for this application. No friction, no fungus and no bacteria... just a comfortable ride.

I have a very small body. Can I trim the gel pad?
Well, the answer to this is yes, the pad is trimmable, but we don't recommend it. The heat of your body allows the gel pad to mold to the shape of your crotch area. It takes on a concave shape and so should fit most people. If you are very small and do find the pad too wide, we suggest that you try inserting the gel pad shortly before riding so that you minimize the time before mounting. In addition, the answer may be in pad adjustment. When inserting the pad, be sure that the pad is centred and straight in the gusset area of the underwear. Also, try positioning the gel pad further forward. Finally, if you do decide to trim the pad, trim only 1/16 of an inch and then ride with the pad again. A very small width change will make a big difference in how well the pad can protect you, and as we all know, you won't be able to put it back together! :)

Can I use Vaseline for added lubrication?
Do not use Vaseline as it is a petroleum-based lubricant and will cause the breakdown of the surface of the gel pad, rendering the pad ineffective. If you require more lubrication, use a water-soluble lubricant, such as KY Jelly.

How do I care for my gel pad and underwear?
It's easy! After use, remove the gel pad from the underwear and hand wash with gentle soap under lukewarm water, pat dry and store in your underwear drawer, ready for your next ride... well, that took about 30 seconds! As for the panties... just wash them along with your "lights" in cool water. We recommend that the underwear hang to dry.

Do you ship to Australia and New Zealand? How much does that cost?
Yes, we will ship to Australia and New Zealand and almost anywhere in the world for FREE. We ship using the services of Canada Post. 

I live in the UK. Will I have to pay additional charges?
Recently, customers in the UK have been telling us that they have had to pay additional handling charges, taxes and duties that amount to 15 Pounds. These fees are imposed by the recipients' government and are outside of our control.

Can I pay with a check or money order?
I am sorry but we only accept online payments as shown at our checkout.



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